How to order...

Printable Order Form

  Email: - Browse through the website and record the item code.
- Email to sales@pickadoll.com.au with the item code and the quantities you require.
  Phone: - Browse through the website and record the item code
- Ring us (Tel:03 9333 2545) to place your order over the phone.

Order Processing

1. As soon as we receive your order, we will calculate the total cost (including Postage and GST) and provide you with a quotation with your order details via email.
2. We do not take back-orders. Out-of-stock items will be removed from the order.

Upon your receipt of the quotation, please double check the details (items, Qty., delivery address, total amount...). You may ask us to amend the quotation as you like. (Note: Your order is not confirmed until the full payment is received).
Payment will be via direct deposit only.

4. Once your payment has been confirmed, goods will be dispatched via Australia Post within five working days.

PickAdoll - TNC Marketing Pty Ltd
(ABN: 13 098 420 958)
Postal Address: 39 Bradford Avenue, Greenvale, Victoria 3059, Australia
Tel: (03) 9333 2545
Email: sales@pickadoll.com.au
Contact: William or Tina