Frequently Asked Questions

I don't feel comfortable with the Min. Qty. attached to each item. Can I order singles?

The Min. Qty. allows the products to be transported in well protected, self-supported, and clearly marked boxes. Orders below the minimum quantity is subject to 50% surcharge to cover the extra cost involved in re-packing.

Do you have a retail outlet or sell to the public through mail order?

We do not operate a retail outlet. However, we do sell to the public via our eBay store and we accept orders from the public through our website (the retailing prices are either equal or higher than the RRP).

Do you have agents or distributors in Australia/New Zealand?

No. In order to streamline our business process, we deal with our members directly.

Do you use old materials on your products? Some of your cloth dolls looks aged.

We use only new materials on all products. Some materials are made to look old using special crafting processes. For example, Calico for cloth dolls are dyed with tea & coffee to create an aged look. Rusty tins are rusted from new tins. Some wood items are treated to make them looked weathered.

What is the payment terms? Does PickAdoll offer credit?

To keep our business simple, we don't offer credit sale. All sales are on prepaid (proforma) base.
Orders are despatched via Australia Post within 5 working days from the confirmation of the payment.

What is a "Proforma Invoice"?

Proforma Invoice shows all the details of your order (product code, product description, quantity, pricing, freight, GST, total amount, delivery address, payment methods...). It is almost the same as an Tax Invoice excepting that the title of "Tax Invoice" is replaced by "Proforma Invoice". This is designed to give our clients a chance to double check their orders prior to proceeding with payment.

How does PickAdoll handle product return?

Faulty or missing items have to be reported to us (by phone or email...) within 10 days from the receipt of the parcels. Depending on the type of problems, we may issue a credit to you, sending you the missing items or replace the faulty products.

Does PickAdoll offer special discount for large orders?

We have only one price. Price lists are at request.

How do you handle back orders?

We don't take back orders. Items that are out of stock will be removed from your order (it will be stated in the proforma invoice).