Wood Letters/Numbers

These wood letters/numbers come in retail ready pack. They are made of high quality ply-wood. Click here to see the example of the packaging.

 Wood Letters
PW-022-A PW-022-B PW-022-C PW-022-D PW-022-E PW-022-F
PW-022-G PW-022-H PW-022-I PW-022-J PW-022-K PW-022-L
PW-022-M PW-022-N PW-022-O PW-022-P PW-022-Q PW-022-R
PW-022-S PW-022-T PW-022-U PW-022-V PW-022-W PW-022-X
PW-022-Y PW-022-Z
PW-022- A ~ PW-022-Z
Individual Wood Letters
Size: 4-5cmH, Thick: 0.3cm
 3pcs / pack

 Wood Numbers

PW-022-0 PW-022-1 PW-022-2 PW-022-3 PW-022-4
PW-022-5 PW-022-6 PW-022-7 PW-022-8 PW-022-9
PW-022- 0~ PW-022-9
Individual Wood Numbers
Size: 3.5cmH ,Thick: 0.2cm
 5pcs / pack