Bell - Rusty Bells
 Bell Size ranges from 22cm to 0.6cm (in diameter)

Rusty Star Jingle Bells

PT-1201 22cm $31.90 ea   $15.90 ea
PT-1203 18cm $22.45 ea   $12.50 ea
PT-1205 14cm $13.75 ea   $10.20 ea
PT-1207 12cm $9.70 ea 
PT-1209 10cm $7.90 ea
PT-1212 8cm $4.65 ea
PT-1222 7cm $4.30 ea 
PT-1232 6cm $3.15 ea 
PT-1242 5cm $2.15 ea
PT-1252 4cm $1.75ea 

Rusty Liberty Bells

Large Bells
PT-1404 12cm $10.25 ea
PT-1405 10cmk  $7.55 ea
PT-1406 8cm $5.90 ea
PT-1407 6.3cmk Out of Stock
Small Bells
PT-1413 6.3cm, 1pcs/pack $3.30/pack
PT-1423 4.8cm,2pcs/pack $3.85/pack
PT-1433 1.6cm,6pcs/pack $3.05/pack 

Rusty Cow Bell

PT-1573 2.5cm,2pcs/pack $2.50/pack

Rusty Jingle Bells

Large Bells
  PT-1503 8cm,12pcs/pack $5.55 ea
  PT-1504 6.3cm,12pcs/pack $4.05 ea
  PT-1505 5.5cm,12pcs/pack $3.25 ea
  PT-1506 4.8cm,12pcs/pack $2.45 ea
  PT-1507 3.8cm,12pcs/pack $1.45 ea
Small Bells
  PT-1513 3.5cm,2pcs/pack $2.50/pack
  PT-1523 2.5cm,6pcs/pack $4.15/pack
  PT-1543 1.2cm,24pcs/pack $5.50/pack
  PT-1550 1.0cm,24pcs/pack $6.05/pack
  PT-1553 0.8cm,36pcs/pack $6.60/pack
  PT-1563 0.6cm,48pcs/pack $7.45/pack

Note: All bells are rusted and sealed.