Pattern-Doll Pattern
Designer: Tina Yu
Polly Pattern
$15 ea

Polly (the dust terminator) is approx. 50cm (20") tall. Polly likes to keep her house clean and has a special dress just for doing her housework. She is very house proud, and prefers the dust outside, not inside! 


Browny Pattern
$15 ea 

Browny (the gingerbread chef) is approx. 70cm (27.5") tall. Browny loves to cook. She is good at making ginger bread.  When approaching a special season, Browny would ring her relatives and friends asking whether they would like to order some gingerbread to share with people they care. 

Belle Pattern
$15 ea

Belle (the dreamer) is approx. 70cm (27.5") tall.  Belle likes nothing better than dreaming her days away in the garden. Alternatively, she collects flowers and carries them home. She sits in front of the flowers and dreams all day long. You may say she is a dreamer but she is not the only one.  

Emma Pattern
$15 ea

Emma (the cat lover) is approx. 72 cm (28.5") tall. Emma has a loving, caring nature. She adores her cat, and carriers it with her always. Emma is a lovable doll, with curls that are irresistible! Her dress is a simple frock, with hearts and lace sewn on the front, for that simple country elegance.  

Molly Pattern
$15 ea

Molly (the garden proud) is approx. 75 cm (30") tall. Molly likes  working in the garden with her rusty garden tools.  She seems to have green fingers. Everything she plants will grow very well. She believes all flowers , like human beings, need to be nurtured with "love".

Tilly Pattern
$15 ea

Tilly: There's Tilly with black braids holding rusty cookie cutters. She is approx. 50cm (20") tall. I am very happy the way she came out and would like to share her with all of you. If you are a primitive lover, you will love her too.