Wire-Craft Wire (Black/Rusty)



A. PT-1301 Black Wire (thick)  #18 Gauge, (10m/roll) $5.80/roll
B. PT-1302 Black Wire (thin)   #20 Gauge, (10m/roll) $5.25/roll
C. PT-1305 Rustic Wire (thick)  #18 Gauge, (10m/roll) Out of Stock
D. PT-1306 Rustic Wire (thin)   #20 Gauge, (10m/roll) Out of Stock
1. Black Wire is coated with black paint to prevent rusting.
2. Rustic Wire is rusted and then sealed to stop further rusting.
3. Each roll is individually packed in a bag with a cardboard tag.
4. These two sizes are used most in our wooden crafts. We use 20 gauge wire (thinner & softer) to connect small parts and 18 gauge wire (thicker & stiffer) to hang the a finished wooden piece.
5.  AWG wire sizes (see table below ):
AWG Gauge* Diameter (inch) Diameter (mm)
#16 0.051 1.290
#18 0.043 1.024
#20 0.032 0.818
#22 0.025 0.645
#24 0.020 0.511
1 *AWG stands for American Wire Gauge.
  2. In American Wire Gauge, #20 gauge wire is thinner than #18 gauge wire.